How to break the habit of anger?

Nothing spoils your life as much as your own anger. It disturbs the overall calm, further snowballing into several unimaginable complications. Things go hay way and disturbed to the extent of no reversal.

Strangely, anger is more an intrinsic emotional state which originates within oneself. The external event is just merely a trigger to make you reach the boiling point and steam off. The contribution of anger to the external agent is nothing but the ignorance of the bearer.

How to break the habit of anger?: angry women
How to break the habit of anger?

The things start when one feels as if his rights are being violated or he is being exploited or he is not being given that much importance as he deserves. This starts with words like:

-how can you do this to me?

-I will not let this happen

-I don’t believe this

-I am not an idiot

All these revolve around the feeling that your rights are being violated. More of this is the internal event. I get irritated because of getting stuck in 2 hrs. traffic jam. Out of schedule phone calls and schedules, unnecessary work overload because of missing a wallet at home and n number of factors are accumulating making me get hyper. At last, there comes a trigger. This might be in the form a minor scratch on your car, or lack of parking space or as mere as a fly in your juice glass. Anything small is capable to make you achieve the activation energy to the critical point, starting the radioactive blast capable of destroying everything.

angry man
How to break the habit of anger?

Now, you have two options: First and the easiest is what most of us do, i.e. let the anger control you. Let your blood pressure and adrenaline make your behavior captive at their hands and making you bark like a dog or jump like a monkey. And second is the difficult one, i.e. to overpower you animal instinct with the IQ of human-ness and find an intelligent way out. Smarter is the one who compares the different options available at any juncture and choose the one which is most viable, efficient and meaningful. Any stupid action will drain your vital energy away from the path of your progress

You are a human; so behave like a human being,

Don’t let almighty get ashamed of His creation!

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