How to bear criticism?

Here are Three important Rules for you to bear criticism. First- Don’t relate your ego with the issue of your behaviour being criticised. Don’t start defending yourself right from the beginning. Listen rather than speaking all along.

How to bear criticism: Don't Complain
How to bear criticism: Don’t Complain

Second step is to evaluate the criticism objectively without any emotional bias or prejudice.

The third is to provide feedback without emotion, rage or temper. Prefer not to respond immediately, and if possible, postpone it for next meeting. Self-assessment of one’s own behaviour or attitude is not something everyone is capable of doing; at least this is not something which can be expected to be done correctly within minutes. If you will respond immediately, that will be self-justification, nothing more. So, it’s better to consider the points raised, when you are alone and free. Consider the issue raised just as an effort to improve your personality and nowhere an effort to undermine yourself concept or decentness.

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How to bear criticism
How to bear criticism

Response should be at the designated and appropriate place just like the criticism was.. The response will fall into one of three categories:

  • I realised my shortcomings and I will change.
  • I disagree because……..
  • I accept the criticism but I will not change because I am not willing or unable to do so.

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