Developing Brain Skills

Developing brain skills mean training the nervous circuits in a fashion so as to remember and recall the thing more easily and formulate the future strategy, based upon the recalled experiences. The two functions of brain are explained in this definition. First component is that the brain should function as a database to all the experiences which the individual gain during his life time. The second is that the brain should process the data in an efficient manner and frame the course of action for future.

Developing Brain Skills
Developing Brain Skills

Now, how to maximize the storage and ensure proper recall at subsequent times, is a matter for concern. Words are forgotten, events are not: This means that if we wish to remember any fact for life, we should just relate this fact with a practical experience. This is known as episodic memory. For example, we still remember those questions which were asked by our class teacher long long back during school days.

However, those ones which we tried to remember on our own are hard to be recalled now. The reason being that the teacher asking a question is an event which gets associated with the subject matter of the question and creates a mental cue. The second case doesn’t have any such mental cue and gets easily forgotten. More over, things like rhymes and phonetics also create mental cues which help in recalling the facts.

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This should be the effort on the part of every student to create such mental cues, which help them recalling the facts. They can simply ask questions relating to their academics among the classmates. Every question asked, (whether answered correctly or not is immaterial) is an event and creates a mental cue, thus helping the recall. Things become easier to recall this way and academics turn an enchanting game.

Hard work is important, but intelligent work is more important.

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