Creativity Ensures Success

creativity Ensures Success
creativity Ensures Success

Creativity Ensures Success … Walking on the known track leads us to expected results. Exploring a novel one may sometimes lead us to the spectacular one. This is creative thought which ensures success beyond imagination.

Creativity is the ability to generate novel and productive ideas or rearrange the old ideas in a new fashion. Creativity involves considerable unconscious rearrangement of ideas. A creative person prefers some degree of imbalance or complexity over the regular pathway followed by the masses. They are dominant and assertive by nature and independent in their judgments and decision-making process. They don not use suppression as a way to control their impulse. They have the characteristic of originality. i.e. creative people like to do their own things and don’t like to follow a conventional approach that has already been determined by others, even when there is a risk of becoming unpopular or being branded rebellious.

They are open to experiences and have tolerance for ambiguity. They are independent of outside evaluation and are guided by their internal locus of control. They bear the unique ability to toy with the elements and concepts and have the capacity to combine them in a new way.

The creative people follow divergent thinking pattern. i.e. the ability to use limited amount of information that one has to reach many correct solutions to the problem. They also try autistic thinking patter which involves free and fertile flow of ideas and imaginations with little regards to reality.

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creativity ensures success: Creative people
creativity ensures success: Creative people

Social scientists have been intrigued by the observation that certain periods of history seem to have a disproportionate number of creative geniuses. Since genetics can’t explain this, the socio-cultural cause must be there behind this. These people were having a large number of creative role models before them to follow. Cultural diversity also seems to nourish creativity.

Techniques to foster creativity in children:

  1. Synectics: This is the process to see a familiar object in an unfamiliar way. For example, a child might use chalk as a pebble to throw upon his friend to attract his attention. Another got the idea to fix an eraser upon the razor to make it handier.
  2. Role-playing: In this, the individuals are assigned specific roles and are expected to behave in that manner. Under those imaginary roles, creative ideas bubble.
  3. Questioning: This is a learner-centered technique to of stimulating creativity. Questions which promote divergent thinking lead to creative ideas.
  4. Brainstorming: Herein, freewheeling thoughts and ideas are encouraged. All sorts of wild thoughts are noted down and finally, a creative idea emerges out of them.

Be creative,

Change the world !

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