Beware: I am a Psychopath

I am a Psychopath !

I am one among you, touching your lives daily. You don’t recognize me until I show you my traits. I have a unique ability to put up a good front of me to impress others and exploit them. I always project the blame on others, if caught. My conscience did not develop at all.


My mind doesn’t have a place for anxiety or guilt. Irresponsible and impulsive behavior are my jewels. My charisma started appearing since I was a child and acquired wonderful dimensions as I grew up. I don’t have any long term life goal and I always work for immediate gratification. Haaah!!

I don’t recognize any authority! I am the supreme being. Many came to teach me the lesson of moral science. All stupid fellow didn’t know that I have the gene to be this genius. My mind doesn’t have any inhibitory mechanism. Fear runs away from me. I can carry out dangerous activities without any anxiety and have an insatiable need for stimulation. The devil is my hero. I enjoy the thrill of seeing someone in pain.

What a beautiful sight when I find someone crying out of the wound I inflicted. I find myself almighty. I don’t fear to die because I enjoy my death every moment. Have you ever realized how easy life becomes when there is no fear… fear to loose….no fear of death… any fear these mortal inhabitants of our planet have. I enjoy my mental mountain to the level beyond the understanding of you idiot fellows. You could never achieve my level of yogic satire. No one could kill me because I am immortal- immortal by boon, immortal by birth! Also Read: How to break the habit of anger?

I am almighty,

Beware of me,

I am inside each one of you,

I Could show my trait any moment,

Beware of that moment !

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