August 15th, The Independence Day

India is celebrating its 70th Independence day. The event is celebrated with much political galore, however the majority of the population remain aloof of the real essence of independence and show the much annoying passivity towards the day.

Kevyn Aucoin quote:  today i choose life.. To feel the Freedom feel the independence
Kevyn Aucoin quote: today i choose life.. To feel the Freedom feel the independence

Freedom is the state in which the people enjoy the much-needed freedom of thought, expression and livelihood to get a decent and happy survival. Freedom is important because this leads to the expression of creative ideals ultimately raising the quality of life. Everyone should have the freedom to take decision regarding his own course of life.

The problem which most of us face is that several social and relational dynamics affect the individual decision-making process of our own life. Most of the important decisions in our life are taken under the pressure or influence of our family members or are directed by the societal opinion. The other handicaps like fear of poverty, fear of failure, need for social affiliation, familial tension or dependence jeopardize our potential and abilities.

Much of us remains un-bloomed due to lack of this independence. We live our life under the captivity of our own insecurities which makes us confined to a state of vegetative impotency. Life comes and slips out of our hand without much concrete achievement, the basic cause being lack of psychological independence. Specially, we Indians have been child reared in a fashion so as to confine us with the obligation to seek affiliation for every decision. Also Read: Politics of Secularism

Four Accomplishments of Psychological independence

Independence of thought and decision are very very important to let our DNA unravel to its full charm. If you crush an idea without a trail, failure is eminent. Any failure after the trail is contextual, but anything without the effort is a voluntary surrender to the circumstance which doesn’t deserve a pardon of the ultimate life giver, the Almighty.

Don’t stop living in your effort to save life,

The eagerness of your heart keeps you alive,

Its only your dreams which keep you alive,

Live life like a wind, flow like the course of a river,

Live every moment like this is the life,

Have a new vision in your eyes at every blink,

Only if your heart carries the eagerness,

You are alive, you are alive!

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