11 Strategies to win an argument

11 Strategies to Win Argument …! It’s not very rare to see a motorists fighting like street dogs over a small scratch over the car or a husband and a wife quarrelling like anything horrible over pity issues. Loosing temper is not uncommon where the participant falls the prey of Ad hominem. This is a natural fallacy of participants of an argument to start making comments on the personal attributes, character, motive or other personality traits of the opponent rather than attacking the substance of the argument.

Difference of opinion among intellectuals should result into intellectual contest and not a street fight. Thinking rationally, acting purposefully & decently, and dealing effectively with the environment is the soul of an intelligent soul.

Strategies to win  argument : ten-commandments-of-logic
Strategies to win argument : ten-commandments-of-logic

However, people resort to pity tricks and dodges to win the march under the impression of their false victory under the defeat of their pity self-respect. Individuals should practice certain specific rules and strategies in order to debate the difference of their opinions. Here these argument winning strategies

11 best strategies to win an argument are listed below.

  1. Generalization of your opponent’s statement
  2. Conceal your game
  3. Postulate what has to be proved
  4. Yield admissions through questions
  5. Defense through subtle distinction
  6. Meet with a counter argument
  7. Interrupt, divert and break the argument
  8. Find one instance to the contrary
  9. A faulty proof refutes his whole statement
  10. Anger indicates weakness- don’t loose temper
  11. Choose metaphors in favor to your stand.

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Strategies to win argument: Argument rules
Strategies to win argument: Argument rules

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