Vande Mataram

The most stirring and inspirational slogan of our freedom struggle, Vande Mataram, has become a bone of contention due to the mercy of some of our motor mouth politicians. Sri Mohan Bhagvat, the RSS chief asked the youths of the country to raise the slogan ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ to show their patriotism. 

Vande Mataram : Indian flag 1907
Vande Mataram : Indian flag 1907

Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi was quick to react as if he was waiting for this opportunity. He declared pompously that he would not raise this slogan even if head was placed under a knife, though the very next day he pronounced ‘Hindustan zindabad’. What is this? What does he mean? Is there any difference between ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ and ‘Hindustan zindabad’ except that of language?

Mr. Owaisi is trying to befool and mislead the masses, especially, those of the minority community to increase the vote bank of his party AIMIM. But the people of our country are very wise. They read between the lines and answer conspiring and selfish politicians very aptly. The recent Bihar elections is a burning example in this respect. Mr Owaisi’s party drew a bank in it.

Vande Mataram : Sri Mohan Bhagvat,

The slogans like Vande Mataram, Jai hind, Bharat mata ki jai, Hindustan zindabad, and mathar-e-vatan zindabad, which were very popular during the period of freedom movement, are an integral part of our heritage. We all, irrespective of caste and religion are proud inheritors of these slogans. Nobody can claim copyright over them. If someone tries to do so, he acts against national interest. All the slogans are equally important. There is do difference in their core based upon religion or language.

Moreover, is shouting Bharat mata ki jai, the only sign of patriotism. Are those who do not raise the slogan, not the obedient and faithful sons and daughters of mother India. They do their duties quietly. They pay the taxes honestly and regularly, without beating their chests and declaring their patriotism vociferously. On the other hand, there are petty politicians who destroy public property during strikes and dharnas, who are involved in many types of unlawful activities and who sow the seeds of dissention in the society, but continuously raise nationalist slogans. Who are the patriots between these two sets of people? This is for the common people to decide and not for the corrupt politicians to decide? Click to read: Satyamev Jayate

Asaduddin Owaisi “vande mataram”
Asaduddin Owaisi “vande mataram”

The politicians should leave the people alone and not disturb them by measuring their nationalist feelings on the basis of shouting various slogans because the ordinary citizens of mother India believe in action, not in speech. If instead of reforming themselves, the politicians go on preaching people, the latter is going to throw the former into dustbins proudly shouting Bharat Mata ki Jai.

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