The Uncontrolled Expression

Uncontrolled Expression
Uncontrolled Expression

Our country is facing a unique challenge nowadays- the uncontrolled right of expression. Right from a sitting MP to a vegetable vendor, everyone has his own opinion about every issue. To make a correct opinion, knowledge of at least this much fact is necessary which are sufficient to draw a logical conclusion.

Freedom from prejudice and an aptitude to draw a conclusion based upon reasoning and overall expression of this conclusion in decent words are also important. Without these, our conclusions are bound to go wrong. Intelligence is not just to know about the facts. This also includes the expression of the facts known in a decent socially permissible manner. What to express and what not is also an important aspect. Many facts are known been are meant not to be discussed publicly.

Right to expression got its wings in form of social media. The result is the ongoing environment of chaos! The late night conversations at the news channels are the example of meaningless debate of so called spokespersons of political parties. They have no concern with facts or reasoning, nor do they have anything to do with the truth. There sole aim is to demoralize the other party’s spokesperson and their leader.

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In a society which doesn’t have a developed sense of reasoning and a habit of fact finding, mass opinion is bound to loose ways. This is a unique case where intellectual maturity is in its transition phase while the right to expression has got power at par.

One should evaluate their thought twice before making it public

A bullet kills one, words kill many;
A bullet kills a moment, words kill generations.

After getting sure about the genuineness, feelings should be made public inappropriate words. Any sort of expressive indiscipline may create flares and destroy the scenario of peace and harmony. Control it !

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