Threatening by Nuclear Pakistan

Pak Terrorists Threatening with Nuclear…! On 70th Independence Day, delivering his speech from the rampart of the Red Fort PM Narendra Modi showed exemplary courage and structures by raising the problem of the violation of Human Rights in POK. Gilgit and Baluchistan are warning Pakistan to desist from its effort to destabilize the elected by the government by encouraging and sending terrorists and supporting their activities.

At once his warning and strictness showed result, his support for Baluchistan was welcomed by self-ruled Baloch Leaders living abroad. It has shaken Pakistan too because Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif invited the eluted Baloch Leaders for talk and also expressed his desire to talk with the Indian Government on Kashmir. The Pakistan Government requested for talk has been turned down by the Indian Government because the Indian Government’s tend and is there can be no talk unless the Pakistan Government stops its support to terrorists and their activities.

Pakistani Terrorists Threatening by Nuclear
Pakistani Terrorists Threatening by Nuclear

Pakistan Government foreign policy especially its Kashmir policy has always been based on animosity for India. It has always taken the Indian Idealism and desire for place as its weakness in spite of being defeated four times in war. It has always tried to befool India as well as the International World about terrorism, terrorists and their activities.

Pakistan has always been a haven for terrorists of all types terrorists who go on launching the Terrorist Movement throughout the whole world. Its main argument is that it itself has been a victim of terrorism though it is the natural result of its support to terrorism so the wind and reap the whirlwind. The proverb is quite apt in the case of Pakistan. Though Pakistan has always incited and sponsored terrorist activities in India, especially in Kashmir, it always pinged that terrorism in India is spontaneous and it was only supporting freedom frightened.

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Terrorist Syed Salahuddin And Masood Azhar threatened India of Nuclear Attack
Terrorists Syed Salahuddin And Masood Azhar threatened India of Nuclear Attack

Its front runners Hafiz Sayeed and Sayeed Salaludeen have been threatening India of dire consequences and organizing and running training camps for terrorists for a long time. Now Sayeed Salaludeen has threatened India of Nuclear Attack. Perhaps Salaludeen is not aware of the complexities and consequences of nuclear war. He should know that India is a bigger and more resourceful nuclear power than Pakistan. In case Pakistan too launches a nuclear attack on India, he will have to suffer severally and Pakistan be annihilated politically. There will be no Pakistan as a nation after retaliation by India. Pakistan Government should exercise control over these rattling and fire spitting spoors of terrorism. It does not ask them strictly to appear quiet. Pakistan will have to suffer heavy losses and its innocent people will have to undergo untold misers and sufferings. In fact, Pakistan will be worse than hell to live in.

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