Rivers of Blood

Festivals are an opportunity to be happy, magnanimous, and positive. They are an occasion when we are kind, compassionate, and cheerful. On the day of the festival, we should love even for the people who we do not like. But on the occasion of EId-ul-adha, we saw rivers of blood on the roads of Dhaka. The blood of slaughtered animals got mixed with the rain water and created rivers of blood in Dhaka. This is against the spirit of festivals.

Rivers of Blood

EId-ul-adha is celebrated to glorify the spirit of sacrifice. Sacrifice not of animals, but of our evils and ill-desires like greed, pride, infatuation etc. we have to control and sacrifice them. Moreover, we have to sacrifice what we like most. It means we have to control our infinite desires. This is beneficial for our health and the future of our society. No religion teaches cruelty, callousness and violence. Every religion on the earth teaches us truth, nonviolence, magnanimity, compassion, and generosity.

Animal sacrifice is unsacrificed, uncultured and barbaric. Most of the religions of the world have realized this. That is why, the practice of animal sacrifice has been given up by them. Alas! The religious leaders and preachers of Islam have not yet realized the futility of animal sacrifice. They are still living in the medieval world when it was a common practice. That is why they have not abandoned this primal practice. Uneducated and egalitarian section of the followers of Islam though in minority is struggling against such backward and inhuman customs and is ready to welcome the wind of change.

This section has to fight hard against the religious preachers to change such cruel practices. We hope that they will succeed in near future. Our Muslim brethren will abandon such customs and will be progressive and forward-looking taking the human society on the path of compassion and kindness.

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