Politics and lawlessness

“Politics is a game of scoundrels. That is why politics and lawlessness are inter-related particularly in India. In India, the makers of the constitution adopted parliamentary form of democracy in which every citizen barring lunatics, the solvent, and proved criminals have the right to vote and contest elections. In elections, muscle power and money power have such a big role that an honest and thoughtful ordinary citizen cannot contest. Consequently, only the rich and mafia dons or the shrewd persons having the support of such people contest elections. There are neo-rich, who buy not only media but also political parties and MPs and MLAs who serve their interest and prevent law to take its course if it is in their interest.

Politics and lawlessness: Parliament

The result is that our parliament and state assemblies are full of undesirable elements who contest elections in the name of people and pledge to serve them before the election campaign. But after being elected, they harass ordinary citizens, kick the old, refuse to pay taxes, demand more and more facilities, create scenes, and disturb the proceedings of parliaments and assemblies. They work for their godfathers who are either big industrialists or lawbreakers involved in all kinds of illegal and anti-national activities.

They affect bureaucracy also. They corrupt, lure or threaten honest and sincere employees and get them attacked and sometimes even murdered if they fail in their effort to overcome them. They disturb peace in the society by fomenting riots based on communalism and other non issues. They waste the time of parliament and assemblies by raising non issues. Such so-called leaders who are in majority in our august parliament and assemblies are a serious disease and threat to our national system and politics.

Such leaders are a serious threat to the survival of our democratic system. As a result of their activities, there is an atmosphere of despondence and cynicism in the country. People are loosing faith in the law and judiciary. They themselves try to settle score. Consequently, lawlessness is increasing very fast. There is mistrust and violence in society. The youths of the country are misled and misdirected.

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But in spite of despair and sadness, all is not lost. There is a silver lining in the dark clouds. How can despair be changed into hopes? We can achieve this aim by taking severe action against these corrupt politicians. For this, we should make sweeping changes in the election process. Elections should be less expensive. Private and party funding to contest elections should be banned. The government should fund elections. People should be given the right to recall their representatives if they do not prove worthy of their faith. Politics should be freed from the clutches of muscle and money power. Only honest sincere and ethical people who have respect in society should be allowed to contest elections. The Party system should be abolished. Elections should be contested on an individual basis, not on a party basis because

For forms of government let fools contest,

 Whatever is best, administered is best.’

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