Picnic at the cost of people’s misery

Shameless politicians always have Picnic at the cost …! There have always been two classes of people in the world namely the rich and the poor. The poor have always suffered while the rich have always enjoyed at their cost. The poor have worked hard; the rich have always led a luxurious life at their cost. Consequently, the rich have always been insensitive to their miseries. We can never forget the story of the English Queen known as Bloody Mary who suggested to the commoners to eat cakes if they had no bread during famine.

Picnic at the cost ; Karnataka Cm Mr.B.R. Yedeurappa
Picnic at the cost ; Karnataka Cm Mr.B.R. Yedeurappa

The same situation prevails in India at present, though the royal class has been replaced by the political class. The class of politicians who are insensitive to the people’s difficulties and sufferings of commoners. Now a day, a large part of the country is passing through the worst kind of famine. The famine has damaged crops; agricultural activities are stalled; people and cattle are dying of hunger and so people are angry and restless. Yet instead of arranging water for people and thus mitigating their sufferings, a female minister goes to the draught hit areas and take selfies with the draught hit people as if she were on a picnic attending a social function or participating in a wedding ceremony. Mr. B.R.Yedeurappa goes on a visit to a drought hit area in a luxury car to display his wealth and power. The chief ministers of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh visit drought areas where thousands of liters of potable water is wasted to prepare helipads for them. After such a huge wastage the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandrababu Naidu delivers a speech on the need of conserving water. You may like purpose of life

Picnic at the cost of people’s misery- a female minister goes to the draught hit areas and take selfies
Picnic at the cost of people’s misery- a female minister goes to the draught hit areas and take selfies

What does this show? This shows politicians’ insensitivity and aloofness from people. This nonchalant attitude of our leaders shows that they are not ready to give up their luxurious lifestyle to which they are accustomed. They are worse than the kings and the Nawabs of the past times because they worked for the welfare of the people at least at the time of calamities. They sacrificed their personal comforts by taking fasts and penance. Thus they showed their empathy and love for their subjects. But our present leaders or rulers and politicians regard calamities as god-sent opportunities to enhance their stature and amass wealth and fame.

They care only about their facilities not for the comforts and lives of the people whom they represent in parliament and assemblies of our country. How shameful is all this? But the shameless politicians are not ashamed of their conduct. They preach people to make sacrifices for a bright future of the country, but they themselves are not ready to give up their privileges and luxurious lifestyle.
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Should such callous politicians go unpunished? Should they be allowed to be fool people who elect them? To reform, people should have the right to recall them without waiting for the next election. If they cannot serve people, they have no right to represent their masters in assemblies and parliament. The citizens of our country must launch a powerful agitation against such politicians. Only then, democracy will prosper and our country will be democratic in real sense.

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