Passion and Reason in life

Passion and Reason of lifeThe honorable members of parliament of our country sometimes behave in such a queer way that they convert this august body either into the stage of a theatre or the arena of a circus or the ring of a wrestling or boxing match. Passion overwhelms them. In a fit of passion, they become so excited that they lose reason altogether and utter such words or behave in such a manner that they make themselves either, the object of shame or laugh.

Passion and Reason : Smriti Irani
Passion and Reason : Smriti Irani

The latest example of this ridiculous behavior is the passionate speeches of Mrs. Smriti IraniMinister for HRD. She delivered these speeches in parliament to defend her action against Kanhaiya Kumar, the president of JNU students union, and to explain the cause of Rohit Vemula’s suicide, who was a student of Hyderabad University. As she has been a popular TV actress, perhaps she forgot that she was standing in parliament where not only, the people of India, but the whole world were listening to her.

The actress in her superseded the parliamentarian. She told Ms. Mayawati very passionately that if she (Mayawati) is not satisfied with her reply, she (Smriti) would cut off her head and place it at her feet. Hearing this, Ms. Mayawati was amused. As it was naturally expected, after her reply, Ms. Mayawati claimed that she was not satisfied with her reply. Now Mrs. Irani was in a very awkward situation. In accordance with her promise, she should have severed her head and place it at the feet of Ms. Mayawati.

Passion and Reason

Thus Mrs. Irani proved to be inept in parliamentary behavior and becoming a laughing stock. She should acquire some maturity and realize that parliament is not a TV serial with the daily drama of saas-bahu. It’s a place where reasoning should be showered in the voice, rather than the passion.

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