Misuse of Power

Power makes people Drunk. When people are in power they misuse it. Consequently, misuse of power makes them lesser in human characteristics and thus they become Demons instead of Human Beings. This is true for all of us especially for high-ranking Officials and Politician because their misuse of power affects the whole Society and Country.

Power & Politics

When the Head of a Family gets power-drunk, he tortures the Member of his Family. When a Police Officer is power-drunk, he harasses his Subordinates and the People of the Area of his jurisdiction. When a CM gets power-drunk, he tortures the People of his State. He is involved in Scams; but when the Party in rule and its PM gets power-drunk, the whole Country suffers. He dismisses governments of the states where opposition parties are in power. In the same view, the BJP dismissed the governments of Assam and Uttaranchal.

The Central Government misused the Section 356 of the constitution; Managed defection by paying money and fanning dissatisfaction among the MLA’s of the ruling party and instigated them to rebel against the CM. The Governor ordered the CM to prove his majority on the floor of the assembly. But one day before the date of the floor test, the central government imposed President’s Rule in Uttaranchal. The dismissed CM Mr. Harish Rawat approached the High Court for justice.

The High Court delivered the judgment in his favor. Instead of accepting the judgment humbly, the central government appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also supported the High Court of Uttaranchal and directed it to let Mr. Harish Rawat to take the rein of administration. Now there was no option, the central government had to accept the Supreme Court’s judgment.

Misuse of Power: Harish Rawat CM of Uttaranchal
Misuse of Power: Harish Rawat CM of Uttaranchal

Thus Mr. Harish Rawat became the CM of Uttaranchal again. Even now the people holding power at centre are not ashamed of misusing power. They are trying other means like a CD of a sting operation to implicate the CM and dismiss him. Also Read: A Minister’s Complaints

Misuse of Power: Article 356
Misuse of Power: Article 356

When the BJP was in opposition, it raised great hue and cry when Section 356 was used to dismiss state governments. Now it is doing the same thing shamelessly. What is the solution? The solution is that Section 356 should be abolished. The central government should have no power to enforce President’s Rule except on the ground of anarchy in the state. The central government has no right to dismiss an elected state government on flimsy grounds. The power drunk ruling politicians should be shaken to sanity and behave properly.

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