Arvind Kejriwal: A fighting revolutionary

Arvind Kejriwal, a product of Anna Hajare’s movement against corruption, is Anna’s loyal disciple, but he doesn’t believe in the doctrine of aloofness. Unlike Anna, he doesn’t believe that he should fish in troubled water standing on the edge of the pond of corruption. He believes in jumping into it without caring for splashes and then fight against waves and mire. That is why he formed the AAP in 2012 and decided to contest election against the wishes of his mentor and guide.

Arvind Kejriwal blessed by Anna Hazare
Arvind Kejriwal blessed by Anna Hazare

Arvind Kejriwal was born on 14th February 1968 not with silver spoon in his mouth. His birth in a middle class family could not prevent him from taking degree from an IIT and then becoming an IRS and taking up the post of Joint Commissioner in the Income tax department. He was a revolutionary from the beginning. So he could not adjust with the routine working of his department and had to resign from service. His work for the service of public was recognized in 2006 when he achieved the Raman Magsaysay award for working in the field of RTI.

Then came the Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. He jumped into the fray with Kiran Bedi, an IPS. He felt that he could not fight against corruption, especially political corruption without joining politics. So he formed a political party named AAP (Aam Admi Party), contested Delhi’s legislative assembly election’s and became the largest party in majority. He formed the government with the collaboration of the congress. As he was new in the realm of politics and was not well versed in political tricks, he became a victim of the congress party’s treachery. As he is a man of principles, he resigned after 49 days.

kejriwal Vs Modi
kejriwal Vs Modi

He had not to wait long. He and his party contested election again in 2015 and won it with flying colors. His party got more than 2/3rd seats and his rival Mrs. Kiran Bedi ditched by his own party men was defeated badly.

Now Arvind Kejriwal is the self confident Chief Minister of Delhi. The government headed by him completed one year successfully. As Mr. Kejriwal is a man of new revolutionary ideas, he has tried to solve the problems of daily life of the common man. His fight against corrupt power companies have reduced electricity bills. He has regularised unlawful colonies and thus has given relief to the poor. To solve health problems, he has opened clinics in localities. He has solved water problem and has reduced the water bills of people and has increased the availability of water and power. His greatest achievement is in the field of pollution. His odd and and even number scheme is very successful and has reduced pollution to a great extent. it has been admired not only in India but in many other countries where it is being implemented.

Arvind Kejriwal struggle in movement against corruption
Arvind Kejriwal struggle in movement against corruption (2014)

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has achieved all this not easily. He had to fight and is still fighting with his political rivals who ridiculed him as a coughing muffler man. Now they are silent because people are impressed with his performance.

Mr Kejriwal’s work has been recognized not only in India but also the world over. The march 2016 edition of the Fortune magazine has published a list of 50 greatest leaders of the world. In this list Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, German chancellor Angela Merkell, Burmese’s leader San Suu Ki occupy first, second and third positions respectively. This list includes two leaders belonging to the Indian sub continent. They are Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina having tenth position and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal occupying the 42nd position.

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Arvind Kejiriwal

This list honouring Mr. Kejriwal’s national service, his ideals and personality is a slap on the face of his rival and opponents who present all kind of impediments in the path of his work and try to ridiculed him. But Mr. Kejriwal is an incessant fighter who accepts their challenge with the remark, ’’I have been a fighter, so one fight more’’.

Mr. Kejriwal go on fighting. We are with you!

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