The positive connection

The positive connection: the chain of life events which are beautifully and surprisingly connected in a fashion that moves the life in a positive direction.

An advice by a stranger fellow passenger in metro train could bring about the changed decision, which might prove to be a life changing point in future course. What if you had boarded the second metro? What if you had taken a leave on that day? No! That was not possible. The things were programmed in this coherent manner by the Power Divine so as to divert your skills to the more fruitful way.

Positive Connection: corpus divine
Positive Connection: Power Divine

The results we achieve is always more than the sum of the efforts we put. This extra edge which we get is the corpus divine; It’s His intervention, which we always desire; But which is beyond our understanding. Only after the things unfold, we realise His beauty of unraveling our lives. They show the dream of God unfolding with meaning, intrigue and even humour.

Don’t we read the real and live dynamic interaction between our cognition and the supreme self? There lies a cosmic connection which transmits his light to attract our vision and movement in His intended direction. One needs to identify, recognise and perceive the signals. They may get imbibed and make the individual an example of ultimate success. If the individual just closes his eyes to His signals, no power could guide him out of the well opaque.

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Positive Connection: Blessings
Positive Connection- Blessings

There lie no coincidences in our life. The things happen the way they are meant to happen. The positive connection controls the way life will metamorphose of what is, into what will be. Coincidences are purposefully engineered. They seem inconsequential but may prove life changing. Recognise them fast and don’t miss the signals.

I am the instrument,

He is the master.

He programs,

I deliver!

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