The behavioural skills

The human identity is defined by his interaction with others. One doesn’t carry a certificate of excellence with himself. Rather, his words and behavior are the real introducers of his character. One who has imbibed the behavioural skills, one who knows the way he should behave with the elders and the younger is the one who emerge successful in all the strides of life.

Behavioural skills

Behavioural skill is a science. It’s a way of life which can only be learnt through practice. To misbehave with someone is the easiest assignment one can do. But to get polite and behave descent is not so easy. No one is born trained in behavioral skills, nor one is born indecent. All are born with the general behavior potentialities which further gets differentiated by the influence of the environment one is reared upon. Those who get an environment where respect is given to elders, morality is the prime concern and happiness prevail in the arena, develop into beautiful well behaved individuals who are ever aspired by the society.

Hence, family environment and peer group play a very important role in crafting the behavioral configuration of an individual.

Behavioural skills are the happiest way to a successful life. One who is behaviorally skilled is bound to emerge victorious in whatever venture he tries. His aura is filled with positivity which influence others and makes them their friends.

One who lack the skill will make the foe out of their friends and will remain busy dealing with self procreated problems. Quite obviously, success will evade them.

Behavioural skills

There are few components, which if one cares upon will make them behaviorally skilled. This should be the effort that one should try to understand them and inculcate them within their personality. They are mentioned as under;

  1. Accountability
  2. Accurate listening
  3. Analytical thinking
  4. Apologies
  5. Arranging problems by importance
  6. Assertiveness
  7. Asking for help
  8. Asking permission
  9. Asking questions
  10. Attention to details
  11. Avoiding trouble with others
  12. Commitment
  13. Communication
  14. Concentration
  15. Conceptual thinking
  16. Convincing
  17. Creative thinking
  18. Diplomacy
  19. Decision making
  20. Directing
  21. Emotional discipline
  22. Empathy
  23. Expressing affection
  24. Expressing feelings
  25. Eye contact
  26. Flexibility
  27. Following directions
  28. Following instructions
  29. Gathering information
  30. Gestures
  31. Complaints
  32. Goal setting
  33. Helping others
  34. Honesty
  35. Initiative
  36. Integrity
  37. Interaction with people
  38. Keeping out of fights
  39. Leadership
  40. Listening
  41. Logical thinking
  42. Motivation
  43. Negotiation
  44. Non evasion from duties
  45. Non verbal communications
  46. Recognizing feelings
  47. Patience
  48. Persistence
  49. Planning
  50. Problem management
  51. Respect
  52. Self esteem
  53. Self improvement
  54. Self management
  55. Sensitivity
  56. Speaking
  57. Stress management
  58. Tact
  59. Teaching
  60. Time management
  61. Tension reduction
  62. Trust
  63. Verbal communication

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Try to nourish the maximum number of above-mentioned qualities within you. This would make you happier and successful.

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