Struggle: A priceless possession

Life in itself is a struggle. Some are meager while the others are bigger obstacles. Irrespective of the magnitude, one thing is for sure that if you overcome the hurdle successfully, you emerge a better and enlightened individual.

Life in itself is a struggle

Giving a glance at the past, one finds it really amazing that the obstacles which appeared invincible and had a magnitude to put a question mark upon the survival of the individual were so tactfully handled by him and not only handled rather they contributed to making him more resolute, happier, more content and better equipped to handle the next challenge. Click to Read: Consistency is the key to a Successful Business


Looking back, one finds struggle to be the best teacher. How wonderful is to find the way individual morphs his strategy out of his learnings through this!

Consider two situations- First, when you achieved a result without much struggle, and the second when you struggled a lot to achieve the goal. Which one is valued more? Of course, the one which involved a lot of thirst and sweat. Click to read: Ten Mantras of Success


Success had not been spoon fed to the greatest and notable achievers of history. They struggle and learned at every step.

Imagine a life without struggle. How will one learn? How will one grow? Its nowhere a doubt that struggle is a precious gift.

Most of us fear struggled because it’s hard and unpredictable. But we should welcome this as a prelude to success. This provides a signal for imminent growth giving new exciting directions. It reveals the mystery of life and unravels the passion and true purpose. Struggled could bring about unexpected joy, happiness and unanticipated opportunities. Click to read: Creativity Ensures Success

Quote by Elisabeth Kubler Ross-The most beautiful people we have known are those who

Welcome the struggle with open arms. They are here to make you a better individual.

Darker the night, glorious is the morning.

Greater the struggle, warmer the achievements,

Beautiful the future, Stronger the individual.

Learn to love struggle!

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