Smart People don’t think that others are Stupid

The reason why most fools think others as stupid has been beautifully illustrated by Dunning-Kruger Effect. This is the cognitive bias with which a relatively unskilled person suffers causing an illusionary superiority complex. They wrongly assess their ability to be much higher than the actual one. This makes him visualize others as inferior in their abilities; the foolish chaps think the others as stupid.

Dunning-Kruger effect
Dunning-Kruger effect

We are poor judge of our own ability. We are more likely to be blind to our shortcomings and failures. Even the person with the least IQ considers himself as above average.

The disturbing thing is that there lies a difference between how we observe the self and the way we observe the others, for the same deed. The main problem of the matter is that the driving force behind our irrationality is our sub-conscious which is away from our awareness, invisible to self-analysis, and away from intelligence. Introspection magnifies the error of judgment.

Fools and Fanatics
Fools and Fanatics

Stupid people jump to conclusions under the false notion of self-competency and ultimate self-awareness. Incompetent people have a typical pattern of perception mentioned as under:

  1. Failure to recognize self-incompetency
  2. Failure to recognize the skills of others

Smart people are those who are not rigid about their experiences and beliefs. They never think that they know everything. Most of the highest achievers in the history assessed themselves as above average. They remain open to suggestions and change their opinion and behavior accordinglyReal knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

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Always remember, you could be blissfully walking ignorant out of your ignorance. Everyone is a genius. Everyone can teach us some thing or the other. It’s only you who lack the expertise to judge the person. Don’t judge a fish by it’s ability to fly.

Smart People don’t think that others are Stupid

A fool is a fool because he thinks he knows everything.

A wise is wise because he thinks he knows nothing.

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