The seven laws of failure

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seven laws of FAILURE

The proportion of failure is higher that that of success in this world. Have we ever given a thought about the reason? There are many! We seldom think about the root cause which is generating this undesired anomaly. Let’s understand them; lets eliminate them.

  1. Law of behavioral inertia: The seven laws of failure: Law of behavioral inert people don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Any change causes discomfort. They keep postponing things for next day, next week and next year until the life of their expectation becomes a distant dream. Don’t postpone things. Start today.
  2. Law of pessimism: The seven laws of failure: Law of pessimism you expect failure, you get one. Pessimism is such a hydra headed monster which sprouts from your psyche and cripples your personality, making you handicap to a vegetative stage where no goals sound achievable. Whenever you find such thought originating, just flush them out with the positive ones. Realign your mental processes in the positive direction. Make it to the extent that your energy level illuminates the entire world.
  3. Law of suspended animation: Making a visionary plan is not just sufficient. It is important that one should start acting upon the chalked out plan. All plan and no work is just a waste of time. Plans have to be remodeled as per the demand of circumstances and time. Moreover, no action is immediately succeeded by positive results. One has to keep the strength of persistent action.
  4. Law of distraction: The seven laws of failure: Law of DistractionDistractions divert the focus and energy which leads to failure. Everything which hampers your effort towards the goal must be eliminated.
  5. Law of plurality of goals: Even minor goals, sometimes act as hurdles toward the major goal. One must prioritize his goals and keep his efforts limited to few. Greater the number of goals, lesser will be the probability of success because the resource, mental capacity and time is limited
  6. Law of fear: The seven laws of failure: Law of fear Larger the goal, greater will be the fear. The fear assaults the potential of the individual convincing him about his incapability to accomplish the task. Abandon the habit of always playing safe. Victorious are those who play fearlessly. Also Read: Ten Mantras of Success
  7. Law of intimidation:The seven laws of failure: Law of intimidationPeople in close contact generally discourage the individual’s strive towards his goal. They give multiple examples of failure of others. It is much important to turn a deaf ear towards them and continue a devoted effort towards the goal.

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