How to find that I am in love?

Am I in love? This is the question which haunts the majority of adolescents and a substantial percentage of adults too. Most of them don’t understand the real essence of love and bear a media created psychological framework within themselves. For long, love have been considered as mysterious and super natural beyond the purview of science to understand.

How to find that I am in love?
Am I in lov ?

There remain several proliferations of this feeling divine. Most commonly confused aspect is the failure to differentiate between loving and liking.

Love has three elements:

  • Attachments. i.e. the need to be together.
  • Caring i.e.. taking care of the needs of the person.
  • Intimacy i.e. similarity of thoughts, desires, feelings, and emotions.

Most of us make the mistake of considering the infatuation as true love. Infatuation is characterised by:

  • Sudden intense emotional outpour.
  • Sexual attraction.
  • Anxiety.
  • Affection

Love VS Infatuation
Love VS Infatuation

When this infatuation is reciprocated from the other side, this leads to the heightened feeling of ecstasy. The intensity of the feeling makes one believe that he/she is in lov. If the person doesn’t get the desired response from the other person, feeling of despondence, despair and depression prevail. Infatuation is a transitory phase which might vanish with time or get converted into the much deeper compassionate love which is far more enduring secure and stable.

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Different people have different approach towards love. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Loving an ideal person.
  • Love as a game and entertaining time pass.
  • Friendship is lov.
  • Obsession.
  • Realistic and practical.
  • Selfless love.

The above approaches are not separated in a watertight fashion and frequently merge with each other. Greater the overlap more will be the stability and stronger will be the bond. A relationship involving intimacy, passion, and commitment is the strongest one and give rise to the most ideal form of love.

am i In love: where my heart should go?
where my heart should go?

Just sit calm and answer the following questions honestly. You will find the answer of the question, ‘’ Am I in love?

  1. Am I attracted physically and mentally?
  2. Does his/her thought bring a smile on my face?
  3. Do I feel more complete with my partner?
  4. Am I in my true self with my partner?
  5. Do I feel good introducing my partner to others?
  6. Do I feel happy about my partner when good things come his way?
  7. Do I support my partner when difficulties come?
  8. Is my partner the one whom I call in challenging situation?
  9. When we have issues, my initial response is to try to resolve them?
  10. During turbulent phases of our relation, are we still contended with what is left and the trust that things will improve?
  11. There is no one else I would like to partner with? You may like the power of obsession

If the answer to most of the above questions is yes or true, affirmative is the answer to your question-Am I in love?

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