Healing Mind

The healing mind is an art to trap the hidden potential of the mind to recover from the state of depression or sorrow which affects your body negatively. Everyone has certain experiences in his life which one wants to forget. These are the experiences which hurt when recalled. This might be in the form of undesired action or words which had created the phase of utter dismay.

Sometimes, the experiences are so impactful that they affect the body and mind to the level that this changes the behavior for years or decades to come. While learning to flush the painful memories always take time, but this is never an impossible task.

Healing Mind
Healing Mind

Healing Mind could be done by following steps.

  1. Identify the physical signs of trauma and try to minimize them. A painful experience is mostly succeeded by phases of disturbed sleep and nightmares, lack of concentration, irregular heartbeat, body ache & tiredness, and agitation & the feeling of being on the edge. The person needs to employ his cognition to identify these changes.
  2. Deal with the negative changes. The person needs to focus out of the anxiety provoking stimulus and engage himself in a more creative and thoughtful pattern of behavior. Meditation and pranayama are found to be much helpful for the cause.
  3. Don’t re-live the bad past in your mind everyday. Reminiscence of bad past magnifies their impact in the present and future. Try to live for the future forgetting the hurtful past.
  4. Nurture the habit to pen down the things. Writing down the incidents or expressing the pent up feelings frees our subconscious mind from the obligation of storing and repeating the incidents. This way, one can also tap the emotional memory, which is otherwise inaccessible.
  5. Enjoy life through nourishing activities. Surround yourself with the engagements what you cherish. Human beings are social creatures and can’t get happy in solitude. Create good memories and let them devour the bad past.
  6. Make a diverse routine. Try to experiment with new ideas and ventures. Don’t let monotony devour your creativity. Throw yourself to new challenges every day.
  7. Don’t let public opinion sway your behavior. Your behavior should be guided by your personal cognition. No one should have the power to stumble you upon the wall through his ill intended motive.

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Healing Mind
Healing Mind

Life has much to do than what you realize,

Healing Mind is a way of life,

Explore life, explore happiness!

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