Gem of Life

Sitting at the edge of a road was a rag picker, happy but confused about something which he had collected from a hoard of garbage. This was a shining object which has grabbed his attention and germinated this obvious inquisitiveness. He was looking it all around, rotating, shaking and bumping it on the ground.

Clueless about his possession, but definite about it being a marvel, he takes it to the contractor for whom he works. Sitting on the hillock of garbage, the garbage king looks the glittering piece, which was a definite masterpiece. He asks the man to handover the piece to him, and offers to pay him few bucks in exchange. The man, although excited, but reluctant in view of the extraordinary looks of the object, politely refused the offer. Next he went to a wealthy man of the colony, from whose house he used to pick the garbage daily. He showed the object to him. The wealthy man looked at it. Evaluating it cautiously, he offered a lac of rupees for the mysterious possession. The poor chap still refused and moved ahead to the wealthiest man of the town, who in turn offered the whole of his possession in exchange. Now, the garbage guy had no bound of his bewilderment and surprise. He was clueless about what he has found.

Gem of Life
Gem of Life

Next, he went to a sage, who was considered to be the most learned person of the town. When he showed the object to the sage, the latter first placed the object on a high lying platform, closed his eyes and worshipped it for a while. After making few circles around the object, he expressed his utter excitement about the object. He asked, ‘Where have you found this precious gem my dear! Its more precious than any other object on this earth. The world’s biggest treasure is dwarf dust before this possession.’’ The boy was further confused. He asked, ‘ What exactly it is?’ The learned man replied, ‘ This is your life my dear! A day you are spending is more precious than the world’s most precious wealth. It’s upto you to spend it the way you like and give it a perfect meaning. If wasted in a dump of garbage, its value is just a big zero. Depending upon the level of utilisation, it can have different worth and values. Every single second is priceless. Use it the way you want to give your life the most meaningful and most worthy turns’’.

Life is priceless….Give it a worth!

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