Being Fearless in life!

Fearless – Life on the edge
Fearless – Life on the edge

Fear & Fearless life…! The inner conscious of human beings are much influenced by the factors like fear and illusion, and they more or less also play a role in the overall personality building. Fear is such a ghost, which despite being invisible, influences the behavior every moment. Fear of failure, fear to loose near and dear ones, fear of poverty, fear to loose prestige, fear of old age, fear of disease and so on. FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real, or simply we can say fear is a kind of illusion which ultimately influences our present behavior.

The prime difference between and illusion and fear is that illusion is momentary which vanishes after creating a sense of fear within us. This creates doubts regarding our decisions.

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Fearless Life

However, the fact is that neither the illusion nor the fear have any factual existence. Both are quiet imaginary creations of our mind. These are basically mental anomalies which handicaps the overall character. The person looses all his motivation and creativity out of this fear. To ensure an all-round progress, the person needs to break this fearful enigma which hampers his efforts. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “He who is not everyday conquering some fear in has not learned the Secret Of Life”.

Fearless Life: Rock springer in Greece.
Fearless Life: Rock springer in Greece.

Get fearless…!

Emerge victorious….!!

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