Different Versions of Truth

Everyone has his own version of truth to which he stands. Based upon his own personality, prior experiences and cognition of facts, one creates an envelope of information around himself by selectively filtering the truth. Now, this envelope is truth for him and the rest remain falsehood. He remains firm on his belief as the filtering mechanism is so well proofed that there remains a minimal chance of pilferage, reducing any scope of further mental enlightenment.


The assumption of truth is based upon logical thinking. The problem is that the individual’s beliefs, which he nurtures since childhood, at times overlap with his logical thinking ability. Despite having all the facts and logical reasoning before him, a false conclusion is drawn. The individual develops a rigid mind framework towards circumstances, relations or people. The mental blockage give rise to prejudices. A prejudiced individual is bound to fall in social relations. His false beliefs would hamper his adjustments in any relation as the individual starts behaving in the manner based upon his prejudice. Click to read: Gross Misperception

Role of parents and childhood environment plays an important role in development of prejudices. Moreover, the false beliefs, if not broken, develops a firm root as the age progresses. Generally, children of highly prejudiced parents show greater prejudice than children of low prejudiced parents. A prejudiced individual develops an authoritarian personality. Preference for autocratic style of functioning and personal rigidity becomes his trait. If others don’t behave in the manner as per his expectations, he looses temper and jumps into clash. His personal prejudice becomes his version of truth. He spends his entire life in his own world of falsehood. His potentiality goes unexploited. The enigma is that he spoils his future in his own hands under the influence of some false version of truth.

Beware of false truths,

They may spoil your life!

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