My encounter with God!

Dated: Saturday,21st January 2017

Venue- ICU 7, Bed No 136, Medanta Medicity, Gurugram

I was running down the time. Lying on my hospital bed, recalling my past; every bit of memory flashing for a millisecond surpassing the second. I had only few left! My eyes could not open. I could only have a feeble sensation of running tubes and needles all along my body. But running mind was nowhere ready to stop. I am alive. Alive at my heart and soul, as I was for the past 85 years. I had lived a wonderful life, making it through the most of what is called the earthly achievements. But the most precious moment of my life was yet to arrive- the minutes of my encounter with almighty! It was there!

My encounter with God!

I was feeling Him somewhere near to me, but He was still not visible. I heard some millions of soft voices echoing though my oscillating mind giving a unique soothing effect though my pierced body. Oh! I focus for a moment on the pathetic condition of my body! I didn’t wish to depart like that! The next very second a thousand of feeble lights emerged from my own self, making me forget this body and its plight. Oh! I am fine! I realised the next second. I was in the light. I was at the height- the height of ecstasy, it was all just a lovely mirage, the mirage of life which I had just completed. I was happier- more to the extent when I realised the existence of this soul. I was just enjoying the play- the play which lasted for 85 years.

Millions of God lie with millions of lights– all the masters of their own destiny. Some influence the destiny of few, while the others control the millions. I am that divine entity which ruled and directed my life, my way. I am happy, I am free, I am divine!

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