My encounter with drugs

My encounter with drugs were quiet mixed. I tried all the popular varieties over the span of a year. Any substance that when consumed by a living organism which modifies one or more of its functions may be termed as drug. They are categorised as stimulants, which increase the activity of nervous system, depressants, which slows down the function of central nervous system and hallucinogens which are known as mood altering drugs.

encounter with drugs : hard/soft drugs
Encounter with Drugs : Hard & Soft Drugs

Marijuana is the one derived from cannabis species/hemp plant, used in cigarettes. This was a non addictive drug which had a progressive effect upon me. In small dosages, this enhanced my creativity. I turned into a poet and writer with immaculate skills. These qualities were already there within me, but the drug helped me to reduce my inhibitions and pen down my feelings flying into the world of fantasy. As I increase with my dose, it interfered with the memory and everything appeared in slow motion. My personality turned passive and lacked motivation. My thoughts were predominated by hallucinations and absurd fantasies.

LSD or lysergic acid di-ethyl amide is the second drug which I tried. I had various mystical and non mystical experiences with the use of this drug. This increased my objective thoughts i.e. made my perception more realistic. This made me feel healthier and positive. A sense of sacredness and reverence bloomed within me. I was feeling myself beyond time and space. However, the long term use led to intellectual deterioration and decline. This also occasionally induced nausea, vomiting, headache, restlessness and general ineffectiveness.

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encounter with drugs : psychology of substance abuse
Encounter with Drugs : Psychology of Substance Abuse

Thankfully, both of the above were my experimental trials and I am no longer having any sort of addiction. Addiction refers to physiological dependence on drugs while habituation connotes psychological dependence. Both the drugs I tried just made me habituated to consume them and did not create any physiological dependence. That’s why, I was able to drop them off easily.

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Encounter with Drugs : quite drug choose life
Encounter with Drugs : no to drug

Life in itself is a wonderful drug,

Enjoy living,

Say No to drugs!

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