Stop lying to yourself – start living!

It’s time to invest in a whole new attitude!

Have you ever said something to yourself so many times that you eventually started believing it? People believe what is going on in their heads to such an extent that they often ignore the truth. Keep reading and find out if what you see is a fact or a delusion … Your

Mind tells you: I
You don’t get to rest your legs between work, weekly shopping, entertaining friends, being the perfect partner and saving the world? If you feel like the day never has enough hours, that’s probably not true. What you really think is that you didn’t really accomplish during the day.
See the truth Take control by setting yourself time limits for each job you have to complete. When the time you set for yourself has expired, stop and move on to the next task. You will soon start finishing things within certain time limits. Finally, give yourself a five-minute break to focus on resting.

The Mind tells you:
The more people tease you about your friend, the more confused you become trying to convince them that it is purely platonic. This is a defense mechanism. Telling yourself that you don’t like someone when you like them is a way to protect yourself from being hurt.
See the truth First, think about whether you like that woman so much that you jeopardize the friendship. She may not react the way you would like and after that it will be difficult for you to return the friendship to where it was. Get a friend to tell you how she feels. If your love is not reciprocated, think how happy you are to have it in your life at all.              click: Devi Shetty

Your Mind tells you:
If you have just got a haircut, there is a chance that a shower will break out the moment you leave the salon. According to you, the world seems to be constantly doing you injustices in life. But is that really the case? The reality is probably that you had one big negative experience that colored everything else.
See the truth Train your brain to concentrate on the good things that are happening, instead of focusing on the bad things. You will be less turned to the negative aspects when you discover how much better you feel when you see the beauty that surrounds you.

The Mind tells you: I
If you catch yourself stuck again late or gossiping about friends while promising yourself that you will be the perfect person next week, you need to rethink your life.
See the truth Create an SSMP spreadsheet if you catch yourself putting things off all the time. Divide a piece of paper into four sections, putting the letters S (for strength), S (for weakness), M (for opportunities) and P (for threats). Think about the change you have in mind and write down your strengths and weaknesses about it and the opportunities and threats it can bring. This will help you decide if the change will be worth the effort.

– end –

Source: Guest Writer(Kajeet)

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