The return gift…….

Two types of people exist in this world. One, who is busy earning his bread and butter and busy in the affair to the extent that he doesn’t find any thought or time to help others. The second category are of those, who are satiated enough from their basic necessities and self actualized to the level that they get satisfaction and pleasure helping others. This article is just confined to the second category. Although rare, but one would occasionally find such people now and then.

Now, the basic principle to any business is give and take. The mental level of a businessman is confined to those limits. Most of us are businessmen of this world. In every relation, one sees, what has one gained and at what cost? To them, virtues and obligations are the jewels of an foolish idiot. Modern psyche is trained for this materialistic barter. No barter of feelings, no barter of emotions! Money is what matters to us. Quiet obviously, most of us have been reared in the culture of poverty which has given rise to poverty of culture. This means even those who have accumulated enough wealth are still suffering from the fear to loose their hard earning. This fearful attitude had retarded their mental arise. Thought processes fail to attain divinity and enlightenment.

The first category will never be able to understand the mindset of second. As to them, everything in life is a business. They find themselves expert enough to handle anyone’s emotion and drain wealth out for the satiation of themselves.

The return gift

The envy of the second lie in the pleasure of giving. He has attained the maturity to understand the tricks of his dear fellow men and start enjoying. His return gift is a life story which is bound to become the bestseller.

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