The Laws of Happiness…

This moment is life. If you loose it getting melancholic, you get a moment closer to death. If you are happy living this moment, your aura disseminates and get its eternal presence. One needs to learn this art of living and enjoy this celebration called life.

First law of Happiness – Law of imperfect self:

Everyone is imperfect. Of course one should strive to achieve excellence in every field of pursuit. But to get depressed because of one’s own imperfection is sheer foolishness. No one is perfect; accept this and enjoy living with your imperfections.

Second law of Happiness – Law of Cold Shoulder:

You cannot oblige every one all the time. Adopt the policy of selective disregard. The struggle to please everyone is in vain. So, abandon it.

Third law of Happiness – Law of Inviolable Stand:

law of happiness-Don't stress
law of happiness-Don’t stress

You have to stand by your all introspected belief. Even if others doubt your stand, you should have the belief on the decisions which you took after thorough calculations.

Fourth law of Happiness – Law of Self-Prioritization:

law of happiness- Self Prioritization
law of happiness- Self Prioritization

Self-prioritization is different from selfishness. This means doing things which matters to you the most. Only a self-fulfilled individual can fulfill the needs of others.

Fifth law of Happiness – Law of Non-Collation:

law of happiness no-comparison
law of happiness no-comparison

Comparison is the key to dis-satisfaction. Everyone is different; everyone is unique. This difference is your USP.

Sixth law of Happiness – Law of Incapacity:

There are few situations or individuals which/who cannot be changed. Any energy exhausted in this regard is a complete waste. Try to save it.

Seventh law of Happiness : Law of forgiveness:

laws of happiness : Forgiveness
laws of happiness : Forgiveness

Every minute you are angry, you loose sixty seconds of happiness. Life is too short. Don’t store anger or hurt within you.

Eighth law of Happiness : Law of Non-Complaint:

Stop complaining about people and circumstances. The only thing under one’s own control is his own behaviour which will enhance the adjustment and subsequent happiness.

Happiness is an attitude,

This lies within you!

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