Surgical Strike of India against Pakistan

Undoubtedly, Pakistan has been and is the homeland of various kinds of terrorists. It has allowed terrorism due to enmity with India, the country out of which it has been created. Since of formation of Bangladesh Pakistani’s enmity for India increased so much that its leadership to harm India at every cost because it realized that it cannot defeat India through direct war. So Pakistan adopted the strategy of Gorilla War Force and Proxy War. It trained Indian and Pakistani Youths and sent them to India as terrorists.

New Delhi: Director General Military Operations (DGMO), Ranbir Singh and External Affairs Spokesperson Vikas Swarup address a Press Conferences, in New Delhi on Thursday. India conducted Surgical strikes across the Line of Control in Kashmir on Wednesday night. PTI Photo by Shirish Shete (PTI9_29_2016_000026A)(PTI9_29_2016_000027B)

In the beginning to terrorists attacked civilians and government buildings to terrorize people. Indian Government adopted the policy of patience and restraint. It tried its best to engage Pakistan Government on talk table. It tried resolving differences with Pakistan through dialogue. Pakistan wants on promising to cooperate with India to curb terrorism but never kept its promises and went on helping supporting instigating activities of terrorists. Surgical Strike

In Burhan Muzaffar Wani’s encounter Pakistan Government got a God sent opportunity to instigate Kashmir Children to pelt stones at the Indian Armed Forces. The terrorists used Kashmir Children as shield and threw Patrol Bombs and Grenades at Indian Soldiers – when the Indian Armed Forces used Pellet Guns, the separatists and their sympathizers who term themselves as secularists condemned Indian Army for violating Human Rights. In doing so, they forgot the Human Rights of Soldiers and their Family Members. They ignored the fact that Indian Soldiers killed and injured by terrorists were also Human Beings. They also had Human Rights.

Then came the terrorists attack on inclinatory camp at Uri 18 soldiers were killed in this and many were injured. Terrorists attacked the camp at nights when Army Men were sleeping. The Uri incident has proved to be last straw. It rattled the whole nation. People are extremely angry. They want immediate action not only against terrorists and separatists but also against the Pakistan Government.

Now the Hundred Dollar question is how we should deal with this knotty problem. First foremost is that we should harden our attitude towards separatist. The government withdraw security cover the separatist leaders like Yasin Malik and Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Moreover the money granted to them by the government should be stopped. There measures are enough to control them.

The matter of terrorists should be left in the hand of army. The government should grant full freedom to army to deal with them. The Indian Army is strong to teach them a lesson and destroy hide outs.

Our PM Sh. Narendra Modi has given befitting reply to Pakistan Government and PM Nawaz Sharif. He has accepted his challenge of fight for one thousand years. He challenged to rein a race for eradicator of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and disease. There are options also such make Pakistan aloof in the international field, to make friendly countries impose sanctions on Pakistan and conciliation of various treaties and taking away of the most favored nation for Pakistan. There measures are ought to make Pakistan realize its folly and make it behave properly. If the problem is still not solved Baloch PO to Gilgit and Sindh Movements for freedom should be supported. In taking hard measure we should keep in mind that the people of Pakistan should not suffer because they are own brothers and sisters belonging to the same race and culture. Pakistan Army, Leaders and Terrorists should be punished not the common people of Pakistan.

Surgical Strike of India against Pakistan
Celebration on surgical strike inside the Pakistan

Surgical strike is an example of true galore of Indian army and the political attitude of no tolerance to further nuisance at borders on the part of Pakistan.

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