The Examination Phobia

The board examinations are going on. Several students report of the examination phobia during this phase. What most of them complaint is that despite the exhaustive preparation and good command over the subject, they fail to attempt the questions correctly, thus making the performance, poor.

Although, the answers are known to them, but as soon as they enter the examination hall, they face a blackout. Things just slip out of hand and the result becomes a misnomer. This examination phobia remains a major challenge before any educational counselor.

The excessive parental pressure, peer competition and mental exhaustion due to the preceding hard work are the prime contributors to such phobia.

Examination Phobia: Test Stress
Examination Phobia: Test Stress

This phobia is specially instigated because the person is highly sensitive and emotional about his performance in the examination. This sensitivity leads to a chain of emotional responses ultimately making the examination crash. So, if any way, we are able to disrupt this origin and circulation of emotional trigger, things will go streamline.

One technical way to do this is systematic desensitization. In this process, the person is exposed to the anxiety-inducing setup (exam in this case) so many times that it no longer induce the panic response. More is the exposure, greater will be the desensitization and better will be the result.

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Examination pattern test series and mock tests are framed in a similar fashion so as to get students acquainted and comfortable as per the examination pattern. So, this should be the effort to maximize such exposures through these tests.

One should participate in the maximum number of such pattern tests with equal seriousness, as he would attempt the final exam. Emotional support of parents and peer groups are found to give the much-needed complementary support to make one perform his best during the exams.

Don’t make examinations a devouring ghost,

These are the simple steps to move ahead!

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