Phases of Abusive Marriage

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5 Responses

  1. Sadhika Singh says:

    Very realistic description of the phases. This is actually how things proceed in actual life. I request you to suggest a solution too in your next blog.

  2. Gen.Rajiv Malik says:

    I’m fed up of revolving in the bla bla of this viscious cycle. Hardly one is able to find the way out.

  3. Shazia Ilmi says:

    Really liked the concluding paragraph of this sad story. Big thumbs up admin, for such a positive conclusion a negative cycle

  4. Belal Khan says:

    Indeed this is the reality.. Why don’t you publish about the possible solutions as well (y)

  5. Kelli Lee Clarkson says:

    Holy moly! It is a sad world. I an so sorry. I an struggling also. I have MANY reasons why I cannot up and leave. I have a broken heart. Idk how to let other people’s and or actions not determine my mood. Since I am sticking it out u til I can make it on my own…I need to survive. I really want to die. I have no hope for my future. I have become severely depressed. My chest hurts…I have a heavy heart . 10 years with this fella showing VERY little love. In his mind, he works and will do whatever he wants when he is not working. He should not have married if he didn’t want a women around be we need to be shown love. Silence is like cancer, it grows. It has grown in me and I am almost completely broken down. I can’t help but hold on to the negative stuff he says and calls me. I am sick of being afraid. Tired of walking on egg shells. He is next to me on our bed but so far away.

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