Confident expectation of good

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  1. Mukesh says:

    Sir… I m so much try to be positive. And be confident…. But I failed again and again… Wt to do plz suggest me sumthing

  2. admin says:

    Confidence comes when you plunge into the river; It can’t be gained sitting on the shores. I was confined within the boundaries of my house till late childhood which made me extremely low at confidence level. All of a sudden, circumstances thew me hard to deal with the outside world. I trembled, but had no choice other than facing the world and showing them my talent. I failed once, i failed twice and so on. I kept on learning with my failures and learned to accept them and still try to succeed. With every effort, be it my success or my failure, i gathered the strength. I realised that none is having a divine fluid rushing their veins, all are having just the same blood. So, why should i be fearful of anyone. I am the one who is no way less than the others. I can do everything. I am right at my thoughts and behaviour. I am confident.

    • Zarya says:

      Many thanks for posting this, It’s simply what I was researching for on bing. I’d quite a bit comparatively hear opinions from a person, barely than an organization internet page, that’s why I like blogs so silnificantgy. Many thanks!

  3. Stevie says:

    Yeah, the fact that neither the Dakka or Warseer topics have combusted can pretty much be interpreted as most of the Dreadball pledgers keeping their knickers located in a suitably stitegharned fashion.

  4. danish says:

    I was waiting for this type of topic. Thank you very much
    for the post.

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