The bleak future of Indian democracy

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4 Responses

  1. Richa Prateek Katyayan says:

    Nice…informative article.

    • Chassidy says:

      It’s not too much to ask why Obama has a SSI# issued from the State of Connecticut, when he never lived there, and expect to get a straight answer. These aren’t &#a820;r2bbit holes” they are character flaws in the most powerful man on the planet.

  2. C.P. Mishra says:

    Very well written article. Reflects deep thinking over the future of Indian democracy and various factors which are vital for the survival of democracy in India

  3. Saurabh Suman says:

    Democracy is a political setup while communism is an economic arrangement. In the former, people avail the freedom of profession and creation of wealth,while in the latter one, this power lies with the government. Weakening democracy is definitely a point of concern, but there hardly exists any doubt about democracy as the best political arrangement a country might have.

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