Surgical strike and its aftermath

Three Cheers for the Indian Army for teaching the Pakistani Terrorists a suitable lesson by launching a surgical strike in which 35 terrorists have paid the price of their misdeeds with their lives.

This operation which was overdue has enhanced the prestige and respect not only in the eyes of Indians but also has increased India’s international prestige and stature. His predecessor except Mrs. Indira Gandhi was defensive preaching pragmatic ideals of peace, non-violence, and panchsheel. That is why India was regarded as a soft state that everybody can hurt and harm without being punished. Now India will not only be respected for her ideals but also will be feared for her military power.

Indian Surgical strike : Indian Army Chief

Pakistan Government nurtured, supported sponsored terrorists and terrorist organizations which have been harassing the whole world specially India for a long time. Almost all the countries have been warning Pakistan Government to arrest terrorists like Hafeez Saeed and Salaludin and ban their organizations, but Pakistan government turned deaf ear to their warning request. Pakistan supported terrorists attacked on India. Indian Government presents innumerable evidences of their involvement in terrorist’s activities. But the Pakistan Government always turned down the dossiers of proofs and refused to take action against them. After the Uri attack in which our 18 sleeping soldiers were murdered in cold blood, the government of India decided take diplomatic and military action against them and demolish hideouts. Our Foreign Minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj gave a befitting reply to Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif and appealed to International Community to isolate Pakistan. Ms. Swaraj‘s appeal affected the World Community deeply. As a result, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka refused to attend the SAARC Summit to be held in Pakistan in November and the summit had to be postponed. Also Read: The BJP’s style of functioning

Indian Surgical Strike Against Pakistan
Indian Surgical Strike Against Pakistan

On 29th September Indian Army went 3km deep into POK and took action against terrorists. India did not commit any violation of international boundary. Indian Forces went into the Indian Territory because the whole Kashmir is an integral part of India. In this surgical strike 50 terrorists and 2 Pakistan Soldiers were killed as a result of the valour and skill shown by the Indian Soldiers specially Para Special Forces.

Pakistan is deeply hurt but it is denying surgical operation because if it does so, it will confess its involvement in terrorist’s activities. It has admitted border firing in which two soldiers were killed. Why is Pakistan threatening India of dire consequences if it has suffered no loss?

Now we have to be very cautious because Pakistan will not be quiet. It will certainly attack our country though not directly but through terrorists. Undoubtedly if it dares to do so it will be punished more forcefully and daringly. We should not slacken our effort to pressurize Pakistan diplomatically and militarily.

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