Odd and even formula in Delhi

Now a day, odd and even formula is being followed very zealously in Delhi. It is a matter of prestige for the Delhi government of the AAP headed by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. The opposition consisting of the BJP and the Indian National Congress is making every possible effort to make it a failure to prove the AAP’s worthlessness. Thus this is much ado about nothing.

Delhi traffic jam
Traffic jam in Delhi

There are so many policy matters and issues concerning daily life of common man demanding oppositions as well as ruling party’s attention. But instead of paying heed to commoners’ important problems, they are busy with this issue and are accusing each other vehemently. The ruling party launched this scheme to solve the problem of traffic congestion and to improve Delhi’s environment which was affecting people’s health adversely. As the opposition is accustomed to oppose the government on every matter, it made every effort to fail it in January when it’s first round was implemented. Though, it didn’t succeed in its effort and odd and even formula was successful.

From April 15th, its second round of the odd and even formula has started. It will end on 30th April 2016. This time also, the opposition parties are trying hard to prevent the government from implementing it. To achieve their aim, they have stooped low and have adopted the mean trick of setting a dumping ground of garbage on fire and thus worsening the environment of surrounding localities. Thus the opposition leaders want to prove that odd and even scheme of the government has failed to improve the quality of life of the people of Delhi. It has produced no improvement in the flow of traffic and environmental situation of Delhi. This is not a very big issue. There are several bigger problems and there are several more important areas which deserve more attention of the government. They should have drawn the government’s attention to such areas. The first and foremost is law and order situation of the city. Crime is increasing and criminals are emboldened to attack even police pickets. Secondly, accidents are growing day by day due to drunken driving. Next is the question of women safety. Another issue is of celebratory firing. People fire to celebrate events such as wedding and several persons are shot almost daily.

Odd and even formula in Delhi
Delhi Govt. Odd even formula

Perhaps, the government has no time to take care of these problems and the opposition has no will to compel the government to do the needful. Instead of launching a movement to force the government to take up these problems, the opposition parties are busy with finding ways to make the odd and even scheme a failure. How disheartening all this is! They are engaged in mean gimmicks of gaining cheap popularity, instead of taking up real issues concerning peoples’ daily life and thus helping government solve these serious problems. They do so because they do not want to serve people and the country. They like to produce obstacles and thus make peoples’ life hell instead of making it comfortable and worth living. People should beware of such tactics adopted by the opposition parties and defeat their conspiratorial and mean designs.

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