I Am Always Right

I am always right- Everyone must have met such people in their life who feel as if they are always right! But why do things go wrong in their life if they are always right? Of course the blame lies with someone in front! The best way to evaluate and judge this belief of self-flawlessness is to adapt the – look back approach. Just look back into the past incidents when you behaved/said/ or acted in a fashion considering your deed as right. Assess them in the light of subsequent events and results. If interpreted in a non-aligned and objective manner, this will give an insight about the truthfulness of one’s belief of self-perfection.

I Am Always Right

The interpretation of truth is a life long event. The person accumulates the bits of information he experiences and creates the picture of truth in what he believes. For example, after waking up in the morning, when the individual goes in front of the mirror, he already has a prior figure in mind what would just get reflected; he already has the feeling what his slippers would feel like wearing in his feet. The whole life is a mere reflection of his/her own version of truth. It is the portrait of his own belief system. These are the beliefs which develop out of conditioning, programming and subconscious adaptation of habits. Now, everything in confirmation to his belief system is truth and is right. Anything with contradictory opinion attracts the curse and blame. The tolerance level dips to the level of incognito vision impairment barring the appraisal of facts in the objective and truthful manner.


Any fact can have innumerable reasons and explanations. Under such wide exposition, this self-flawlessness would create a really myopic view of things around, thus hampering our learning, adjustment and success in this milieu.

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