Similarities in military and corporate world

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3 Responses

  1. Saurabh Suman says:

    I personally prefer democratic style of functioning . To me, an intrinsically motivated worker is more productive than an autocratically bound one . However, certain instances do call for autocratic leadership to achieve the desired goal.
    Well analysed the two Brig.Sharma!

  2. Shazia Ilmi says:

    Forces always fascinated me. But I never realised that there exists so much similarity between the military and corporate world.
    Well compared …..

  3. Brig RK Sharma says:

    Ms Ilmi
    Thanks for your comments. I am firmly of the view that management pas such has been derived from theory of warfare. Hannibal was the first person to make use of a chain while mass producing weapons in 600 BC. There are innumerable examples.
    Best wishes

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