Demonetisation- An Economic Surgical Strike

The demonetisation of Rs. 1000 and Rs. 500 currency notes is an Economic Surgical Strike launched by our beloved PM Sh. Narendra Modi. This raises a very important question. The question is whether he took this step to improve the economic and political health of the country or it is a wily move to win the election in several states like UP and Punjab due in the first half of 2017. The haste with which this important step has been taken without proper preparation compels us to doubt the motive of the ruling and its front line leaders.

All of a sudden, on 8th November, 2016 the PM declared promptly the currency notes of ₨ 500 and 1,000 value stand demontisated from 8 PM. Initially the countrymen cheered the PM; they welcomed the bold and daring step taken by their PM because they believed him. He told them that he had to take this step to check black money, corruption- political as well as individual and terrorists’ activities. They were ready to face hardships which accompanied this move. But the next day, the people were disillusioned. There was a great upheaval in the whole country. The people had no money to buy articles of daily use, children had no milk, patients had no medicine; daily wage earners had no work and food. Patients could not be admitted to hospitals. Operations could not be performed. The diseased could not be treated. Weddings had to be postponed and temples had no money to perform daily worships of deities.

New Delhi : People standing in long queues to exchange their old Rs 500 and 1000 notes and withdraw cash from the ATM in New Delhi om Thursday.PTI Photo by Subhav Shukla(PTI11_17_2016_000041B)

Consequently, there were long queues before ATM, Banks and Post Offices. People had to wait from morning till midnight shivering in cold. They were hungry and thirsty, but they were waiting because they had to give food and milk to their kids crying with hunger and thirst, they had to arrange medicines and treatments for their sick elders. They had to arrange money for the weddings of their daughters and sisters. The patience of Indians is commendable. In this process several committed suicide in desperation, shock and frustration. And the antithesis is that our Finance Minister parches us to conduct our financial activities through cheque payment and credit cards, unaware of uneducated or half educated common men, he is dreaming of cashless society like that of Sweden which has turned into cashless society. His utterance reminds us of Bloody Queen Mary who had remarked “If you have no Bread, eat Cakes”.


The PM his cabinet ministers and other leaders of the ruling party claim that they took this step for the welfare of the country and society. The opposition alleges that the ruling party took this step to win the election in states. It also alleges that the information of demontisation was leaked to important leaders of centre and states ruled by the BJP and they deposited their unaccounted money in banks before the move was announced.

Our respectable and beloved PM asks us to wait for 50 Days because the situation will normalize by them. But 50 days is a long period. Are people ready to wait for so long? What will happen if suffering and harassed people lose patience? The leaders of the ruling party say that the people who opposed this move are economic offenders and corrupt. The BJP Leaders habituated of abusing the persons who do not toe their line. According to them people who do not agree to their party line are either traitors or economic offenders.

Let us wait for the Parliament Session where the fate of this controversial economic surgical strike will be decided by our honorable parliamentarians.

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