Author: chandraprakash misra


Future of Indian Subcontinent

Sixty Nine years ago there was no Pakistan, no Bangladesh. There was only India; Bharat Mata full and complete though enslaved by a foreign power, democratic and liberal at home, cruel deceitful and treacherous...

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Education and Human Values

The aim of education should be to develop nationalism, free thinking human values, fearlessness and wide vision. It is a matter of regret that till now, emphasis has been put only informative aspect of education. Consequently, the modern citizens of India are good technicians, good engineers, skillful doctors, capable administrators, shrewd politicians and diplomats but not good human being

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The Three Legged Horse

Generally animals are treated with love and affection in India. They are either awed or loved and respected. They are innumerable describing animals’ sacrifices to save their master’s life and vice versa. Chetak, Maharana...


Misuse of Power

Power makes people Drunk. When people are in power they misuse it. Consequently misuse of power makes them lesser in human characteristics and thus they become Demons instead of Human Beings. This is true...


Partners in Corruption

Corruption has been; is and will always remain a burning problem in India. It is prevalant not only in India but the entire world especially in Asian Countries. In India we have to face...


Transporters, Not Quenchers!

The people of our country are familiar with different kinds of train run by the Railway Ministry such as Passengers Trains, Goods Trains, Express Trains, Mini Bullet Trains, Bullet Trains, and Metros etc. Recently...

The Secret to Happiness 1

The Secret to Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. It is the result of contentment. That is the reason why man is sad and dejected in the midst of opulence and affluence. Man runs after luxuries to...


The Unguaranteed Consumerism

Consumerism is a recent event. Few decades ago, things were guaranteed. Manufactures and Traders would give guarantee of their products and services and thus proved their reliability. By providing guarantee, they would proclaim that...